Why Media Buying?

At Sapphire, media buying is about more than just maximizing conversions and getting sales...

Our goal is to bring specially curated products to prospective consumers via various platforms on the world wide web.

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Who We Are

Now’s your chance to get the opportunity you’ve always dreamed of. Sapphire Media Group is the fastest growing media agency in the world, and we’re looking for diamonds in the rough; innovative, creative, and collaborative people with a burning desire to reach their full potential!

Experience the amazing benefits and huge opportunities for growth that Sapphire Media Group has to offer!

About Us

Core Values

Check out what makes a
Sapphire employee so fantastic!

Action Taker

Our people are always willing to jump in and get their hands dirty. They have the motivation to take the necessary actions, without much instruction. They know how to figure out what needs to be done or utilize resources to determine the course of action needed to get to the next step.

Problem Solver

We are looking for people that know how to focus on the problem and try to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution!

Team Oriented

At Sapphire Media, we strive to accomplish goals that not only benefit the company, but also each other. We value individuals who tackle challenges with a team-driven mindset.

Fast Learner

Our team is full of people who learn quickly. We are all capable of taking in and processing information quickly. We are all responsible when it comes to learning new tasks and processes.


Here at Sapphire Media, we are all able to manage ourselves and our own tasks. While supervisors and managers are always ready to lend a hand we know how to self-manage ourselves and our workload! Micro-managing is not necessary or allowed.

TeamOriented ProblemSolver ActionTaker Self-Managed FastLearner

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